Family Legacy And Leadership. Preserving True Family Wealth In Challenging Times

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Hamilton and Daniell have creatively taught us how to weave together the threads of lineage that create family legacy

Author, Family The Compact Among Generations Mark Daniell and Sara Hamilton have written a book that will become a real reference for families wishing to establish a long-term strategy for building an enduring legacy for generations

Berman President CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Daniell and Hamilton draw on the unique experience of the Family Office Exchange and its many hundreds of members and scores of studies to define the role of family leadership more fully and inspiringly than ever


Fung Chairman, Li Fung Group This is a superb book unique and full of examples on the vision of legacy and the role of family leadership

Hughes, Jr

I recommend it to families in Asia and beyond

It contains a wealth of ideas, strategy prescriptions, case histories, and anecdotes that will give the family leader and members of the tribe a true guide to building a system that will endure the test of time

It is also a comprehensive guide to risk management with a special spirit for wise risk-taking

It offers ideas, insights, and tools that will help families of all types find their path through change

James Jay E

John L

Melissa A

They have also clarified the vision of what family leaders look like who are the master weavers of such threads

This all leads toward teaching us how to create and guide our families, and those we serve, to seven and more generations of successful, generative and flourishing lives as individuals and as family

This book makes the challenges vivid and the path clear for successful families to preserve both their wealth and their purpose

Victor K

Ward Principal, The Family Business Consulting Group Family Legacy and Leadership is an innovative, useful blend of theory and practice and of the hard and soft issues that families face

We owe their work a deep debt of gratitude and a bow of appreciation